About Us

Hi, we're Cargo Pro | Your Global Logistics Solution. We're affiliated with gBay and we hope you'd put some thought into considering us as your shipping agent.

We offer a range of services for your shipping needs that no one else offers. Our repacking and consolidating services are critical for both your personal and business shipping needs. Complemented by our excellent brokerage service, gBay powered by Pro Line Cargo USA Inc. is your number one choice.

We should mention, should you have your own custom broker you're comfortable with or prefer to do your clearing yourself, that's fine with us too. Once your item arrives in Miami, you'll receive a notification via e-mail. You'll also receive notifications 24 hours before the cut off time for the next flight, you'll receive a notification when your items are expected to arrive in Guyana as well as when they're available for pick-up or delivery.

At USD$2.95 per lbs, it's the lowest rate per lbs you'll pay anywhere in Guyana.

We'll take all your arrivals out of the original packaging where we see fit, and repack them responsible in smaller boxes. We'll also hold your packages until you're ready to ship so you have all your items on one shipment.

Have you ever heard about volume weight?

It's common sense. Space on a plane is valuable. The more space your item occupies, the more the Chargeable Weight will be. These rates are international standards.

Volume weight comes into play when the volume of the package exceeds the actual weight of the package. It can be calculated by taking the length, width and height of the package in inches, and dividing it by one hundred and sixty six (166). (In mathematical terms, if the volume of your package exceeds 166 cubic inches per lb, it's going to be charged by volume weight).

Fragile items in large boxes such as laptops (approximately 7-11lbs volume weight), televisions attract volume weight. Some toys that are very light, however, still bulky, will attract volume weight. This is important to know so your online purchases always works out cheaper than shopping locally.